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About us


Welcome to XX Coffee Co., Ltd. We are a strong professional company to provide a complete solution to the Chinese coffee market program. From coffee, coffee equipment and coffee supply of qualified engineering services, we provide comprehensive quality services to enterprises, offices, restaurants, hotel transactions. Our experience, resources and expertise, from the global market and we bring new inspiration and the latest international coffee market trends in china.


We have a wealth of experience in the coffee industry, only the purchase of high-quality coffee brands, try and test equipment. Our advice and expertise bring us a lot of satisfied customers, but more importantly, help us retain these happy loyal customers.

Coffee machine

We only sell the best quality commercial semi-automatic coffee machine and automatic coffee machine. Our main agent of the brand's first-class coffee machine comes from Italy. We also offer highly competitive leasing trade or direct customer outstanding financial solutions package. We can provide backup services for any machine for sale, lease or lease.

technical service

Our high quality service engineers provide excellent service and repair skills. We are proud to provide a prompt and attentive to all our customers. Our engineers have the knowledge and skills in a professional and consistent quality service to our customers. Just check with our competitive offer.


We only buy coffee beans from Brazil, Indonesia, Tanzania, Guatemala, Peru, Ethiopia, and other carefully selected coffee beans and experienced bakers. Help each customer with different flavors of coffee.

Tea, syrup, jam, etc.

We bring the sale of the French Andrew brand series syrup, jam sauce products, Hongkong and another Hong Kong Hong Kong style black tea milk products.

training center

Our training center is equipped with the best machines and equipment. We work closely with our customers to ensure that all the barista complete our course with a solid training and skills. A company or individual who wishes to work as a barista. We use only the best equipment and products.

Coffee supply

Skilled barista will find almost all the necessary supplies, cleaning supplies and equipment through us. We are the best selling brand equipment and product prices. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they have the best and most appropriate supply of their individual needs.

Sales, leasing and financing options

We recognize that each business is unique and that the demand for each business is different. This is why we provide the choice of equipment, reflecting the specific needs of customers. From the sale and lease of the machine, through the lease, we are flexible to choose here to work for your business.